Fitness-Spezialist Jawbone streicht Stellen

Fitness-Spezialist Jawbone streicht Stellen
Der Markt für vernetztes Fitness-Zubehör wie Bänder, Uhren oder Waagen mit WLAN-Anbindung wächst. Als Marktführer gilt Fitbit aus San Francisco. Die börsennotierte Firma verkaufte im vergangenen Quartal 4,8 Millionen Geräte, musste dafür aber auch …
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Fossil kauft Misfit für 260 Millionen Dollar
… Unternehmen optimal positionieren möchte. Weiter geht es mit dem Uhrenhersteller Fossil. Anstatt eigene Produkte zu entwicklen, beschleunigt Fossil den Markteintritt, indem das Unternehmen der Hersteller von Fitness-Zubehör Misfit übernommen hat.
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Kette für Fitness-Zubehör: Sport-Tiedje macht sich fit für die Zukunft
18.05.2015 18:38 UhrVon Jürgen Hoffmann. Sport-Tiedje ist Europas größte Fitnessmarkt-Kette mit Filialen an Hamburgs Mönckebergstraße und am Ku'Damm inm Berlin. Die Firma wächst weiter – auch durch Übernahmen im Ausland. Teilen · Twittern …
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Stadt Willich: "Halle 22" beschäftigt zehn Auszubildende
Aktuell sind Studenten der Fachrichtungen Gesundheitsmanagement, Fitness-Training, Fitness-Ökonomie sowie Sportökonomie beschäftigt – immer im Wechsel mit Präsenz-Phasen an den Hochschulen und praktischen Phasen im Studio: "Wir setzen sie als …
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ZF Friedrichshafen: Ein zweites Zuhause für Mitarbeiterkinder
Reichlich Platz für kleine Entdecker in der Kindertagesstätte „RatZFatz“, gesundheitsorientiertes Fitnesstraining, Behandlungsräume für einen werksärztlichen Dienst und Physiotherapie: Vier unterschiedliche Dienstleistungen bietet ZF in der neuen …
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The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien

Bilbo, the main character in the book, is an unassuming character. The book follows Bilbo as he leaves his relatively quiet ‚hole‘ in a farming community and moves into the depths of Middle Earth, facing many dangerous creatures and circumstances.

As the journey moves along, with each chapter almost like a mini-story, we see Bilbo grow in both character and maturity; it’s interesting how Tolkien is effectively telling the reader to learn from their experiences and their mistakes.

Like Lord of the Rings, the writing is full of songs and poetry, and this adds an atmosphere and reality to the story that doesn’t exist in many novels – they help to keep the story light, despite some of the dangers Bilbo encounters.

Interestingly many people have pointed out that this book and Lord of the Rings parallels Tolkien’s war experiences, and in fact Lord of the Rings (the sequel) was written while Tolkien was at war as a serial story for his son.

The Plot

Gandalf, the wise and ancient wizard persuades Bilbo to host a tea-party for a band of dwarfs led by Thorin. Unbeknownst to Bilbo, the dwarfs have lost a vast treasure to the dangerous dragon Smaug.

As the party continues on, and the Dwarfs sing boisterous songs about how they will reclaim their wealth from Smaug, and with it their ancient home in the Lonely Mountain, Gandalf surprises Bilbo by asking him to become a ‚burglar‘ for the intrepid dwarfs and assist in their quest. Despite the misgivings of the dwarfs, and Bilbo’s anger at being tricked into this situation, Bilbo journey away from his safe haven of Hobbiton.

Using a map that shows a secret entrance into the Lonely Mountain, the band of adventurers must cross the Misty Mountains. Captured by Goblins they are forced into some dank and dangerous caves – Bilbo manages to escape but gets lost; wandering around he happens across a strange ring, and is challenged by Gollum into a Rhyming duel. The ring is magical, and with the aid of it, Bilbo is able to become invisible and escape to rejoin with the dwarfs, who were rescued by Gandalf.

Thus begins the adventures in their quest to find the Lonely Mountain; along the way they’ll encounter Spiders, Trolls and other nasty creatures.

Will they succeed? Well you’ll just have to read the book won’t you!

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The Audi A6 gets a touch of Vorsprung durch Technik

Audi has released specifications and figures for the all new Audi A6; the new A6 has been completely redesigned using Audi’s most advanced lightweight construction techniques. Audi has added impressive engine options for the A6, which promise to be powerful yet highly fuel efficient and have low CO2 levels.

The new engine options include, a 2.0-litre TDI 177bhp, 3.0-litre TDI 204bhp, 3.0-litre TDI 245bhp and 3.0-litre TFSI 300bhp all the power plants make use of advanced direct injection technology for the leanest possible fuel burn rate. The new engines work in conjunction with important technologies from the Audi’s modular efficiency platform – the start-stop system, the energy recovery system and the innovative thermal management concept. As a result, fuel economy has improved by up to 19% compared to the previous model, pushing the Audi A6 to the front of the class in this discipline.

Just like the old A6 the new one will have an array of transmission choices, depending on which engine model is chosen the transmission option includes a manual six-speed transmission or continuously variable multi tronic CVT for front-wheel-drive models, and the new seven-speed S tronic twin-clutch transmission for the Quattro models.

The new A6 showcases Audi’s advancements in the driver aid category, the new A6 will have the option of having a night vision assistant employing a thermal imaging camera to highlight ‚warm-blooded‘ road users in front of the car, a head-up display projecting key information onto the windscreen so that it appears to float about 2.5 metres ahead and a park assist system which automatically takes care of the steering function for the driver when manoeuvring into parallel or perpendicular parking spaces.

I’m sure Audi Parts in East London will be able to provide the full list of optional extras available on the new A6. Starting prices for the new A6 will be around £30,145.

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Buying Repossessed Autos

Buying a repossessed automobile can be a better deal for you if you intend to get your street rod from the used car market. A repossessed car has better chances of being well-maintained and taken care of by its previous owner than a second-hand one directly brought from a used car store. It may even be first-owned, making it of better quality than an older one which could be struck by accidents or heavy damage in the past. Either way, a repossessed car is a much safer bet when it comes to choosing whether to buy a car from the bank or from the used car shop.

When a car owner fails to pay for his car’s monthly amortizations, the car is repossessed by the bank or the lending agency. A repossessed automobile is sold by a bank or a lending institution to make up for losses in granting the car loan. There are instances that when the lending agency sells the car for a higher price than what is owed, the previous owner gets the price difference. On the other hand, if the repossessed vehicle is sold at a lower price, the previous owner shoulders the difference to be paid to the bank. If you are considering finding and buying a repossessed street rod, you should consider the following:

Most repossessed cars are sold through auctions. You can participate in such auctions if you have the money ready to buy the car during the auction date. You can also search for auction houses for dates and times when repossessed cars are available for auction. Researching about bidding tips and techniques might also help.

Lenders also sell repossessed cars themselves to cut off the costs of hiring auctioneers. You can also search for banks and lending agencies that might sell such cars and what models and makes are available. Call ahead or browse through the bank’s website to make sure that they have something you want before spending time and effort going there to check out the stocks.

If you have found a repossessed street rod that is to your liking, then, good! The next thing you have to do is check the car thoroughly, inside and out. You can now proceed to the bank or dealer that carries the model you prefer and check the merchandise for yourself. You can even ask for a test drive to find out how the car actually performs before spending your hard-earned money buying it.

Better yet, you can bring along someone who is deeply knowledgeable about cars, be it a relative, a friend or a professional mechanic. Their knowledge will help you identify certain damages on the cars and what repairs should be done. They can help you check the vehicle’s history and find out if the street rod you have your eyes on is worth the investment or more.

Make sure that you take note of the dealer’s terms and conditions before making the purchase. Know exactly what payment types they accept, and what other goods you can avail of after buying the car, such as warranties, if available. With a little bit of negotiation skill, you can even come up with a better deal in buying your street rod at classic car shows.

Buying a repossessed street rod from the bank or other lending agencies can yield you one of the better deals in the used car market. All it takes is some extra effort in finding that one car you are exactly looking for. Doing an internet search may be the best way to find the street rod that is best for you.



With available repossessed autos, you can enjoy owning your own car without the heavy costs of actually buying and maintaining a brand-new one.

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Stadt Kempen: Mit dem Schnuller zum Fitnesstraining
Sport treiben und gleichzeitig das Baby betreuen – für Mütter eine großartige Kombination. Anleitung bekommen sie von Julia Gericke-Steeg und Julia Büren-Cormaux (r.). FOTO: wolfgang kaiser. Sport treiben und gleichzeitig das Baby betreuen – für Mütter …
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Phoenetics®- das neue Outdoor-Fitness-Training am Phoenixsee
Es werden hauptsächlich Übungen mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht absolviert, diese sind einfach und effektiv zugleich. Somit werden alle großen und kleinen tiefliegenden Muskeln aktiviert. Dieses funktionelle Training ist erweiterbar mit Zugabe von …

Fitnesstraining vor dem Einzug – Michael Ammer: Ist er fit genug für „Big
Sport machte Michael Ammer (54) früher nur auf der Tanzfläche – oder im Bett … Das ist vorbei! Am Freitag zog er in den „Promi Big Brother“-Container ein, davor schwitzte er in den vergangenen Wochen in einem Geesthachter Fitness-Center. Immerhin: …
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Rent to Own Autos

To get the best information when buying rent to own cars you have to know where to look and how to obtain the information you are looking for. Don’t leave it to chance that your purchase was a wise one because it was in your price range and looked good. Taking the time to understand all that it entails and how the process works is important when making any type of large purchase.

There are various resources available that help to gather as much information as possible. Using a search engine for dealerships that offer rent to own cars, is one of the most popular and easy ways to buy a rent to own auto. These search engines alleviate a lot of your stress by doing the work for you. The unlimited choices that will be presented for review are extensive and provide a lot of information that is necessary for an informed decision.

Tips available to help you reach a smart decision are accessible in cars rent to own buying books. This amount of information should be retained to get positive pointers on the vehicles history and the integrity of the rent to own cars dealership. By looking up the vehicles VIN number you can acquire a mechanical history of the car and find out if it has a salvageable title. Looking up the blue book value lets you see if you’re paying a reasonable price or not.

The odometer should be read, doors and windows checked, seat adjustments checked, headlights, brake lights, and also turn signals. The functions of all these features are important to examine before negotiation begins. Making sure how much rust is on the car and having it checked by your mechanic is also essential to disclose any malfunctions.

Taking advantage of the amount of information that is available on the internet is the smartest way to buy a rent to own auto. Getting the car you want may be obtained quickly, and with confidence that you’ve made an educated and knowledgeable decision that’s was basically hassle free and economically wise.

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Proteinshakes im großen Test

Proteinshakes im großen Test

Wir haben uns mit einem sehr spannenden und derzeit viel diskutierten Thema beschäftigt, Proteinshakes!

Der Fitnesstrend hält an, gerade jetzt in der Sommerzeit legen viele noch den letzten Schliff für ihre Bikinifigur an. Oft kommen hier Proteinshakes für die tägliche Ernährung als kleine Unterstützung zum Einsatz. In den letzten Jahren jedoch haben sich mehrere neue Anbieter auf den lukrativen Markt gedrängt. Wir haben uns jetzt einige alt bekannte und auch neue Player auf dem Markt der Sportlerernährung angesehen und einen Whey Protein Shake Test gemacht.

Grundsätzlich gibt es in Deutschland hinter all diesen Marken ein paar große Abfüller, mehr wie 10 große Firmen fertigen also für die unzähligen Marken das Proteinpulver. Der große Unterschied besteht meistens nicht in der Qualität der Rohstoffe, da diese bei dem Großteil der Marken gleich ist. Der Unterschied besteht in der Zusammensetzung, wurden noch zusätzlich Vitamine oder Mineralstoffe zugefügt, welche Geschmacksrichtungen gibt es etc.

ESN Designer Whey Test

Dies ist eine Eigenmarke eines Sportnahrungshändlers. Die Zusammensetzung ist relativ gut in Bezug auf das Kohlenhydrat und Fetteverhältnis, da dieses sehr gering gehalten wird. Wenn man eine extreme Low Carb Diät macht, dann eignet sich aber ein teureres Isolat besser dafür. Hier gibt es einen ausführlicheren Test über das ESN designer whey Protein.

Weider Premium Whey im Test

Das Premium Whey von Weider ist etwas teurer aber nur geringfügig und hat auch einen sehr guten Fett und Kohlenyhdrat Anteil. Es wurden auch zusätzlich noch Vitamine beigemischt und etwas Glutamin.


Es ist reine Geschmackssache welches Whey euch besser gefällt, beiden haben eine tolle Zusammensetzung und sind schon lange auf dem Markt, dh. die Qualität müsste stimmen. Was neue Anbieter angeht wird man erst sehen ob diese auch bestehen können.


Eiweißpulver für Sportler

Eiweißpulver für Sportler
Eiweißpulver sind selbst für richtig hart trainierende Sportler verzichtbar. Eine schlappe Studienlage, zu hohe Mengenempfehlungen, unsportliche Zusätze und Rückstände von Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsmitteln: Die Testergebnisse sind äußerst mau.

Luxus-Kur Bodhimaya: Entschlacken wie Gott in Frankreich
Wer streng vegan orientiert ist, kann im Supermarkt nicht einfach zu Fertig-Produkten greifen – oft verstecken sich in der langen Zutatenliste solcher Gerichte Milchpulver, Butterreinfett oder Hühnerei-Eiweißpulver. Ein strenger Veganer braucht daher Weider Soy 80